Computer Recycling and Refining, LLC was established in 1984 as a small business to meet the needs of the ever-changing computer world. 


Large obsolete mainframe computers were starting to be removed from companies that were replacing them with smaller and more technically advanced systems.  At the time, most of this equipment made its way to scrap yards and even landfills. All of this equipment had precious metals inside that not only needed to be recycled but also had monetary value. CRR developed a process of removing these components in a safe manner, as well as recycling the materials such as printed circuit boards, wire and steel. With the passage of time, additional computer scrap (called E-waste today) was generated as companies needed to remove these large obsolete systems. CRR was one of the only companies in New England able to meet the demand of removing these computer systems and extracting the recyclable components in a cost effective and safe manner. 

As the industry has changed, so has CRR. We have evolved to meet the challenges that companies face in disposing their e-waste. Most of the computers today are small and take up less space, have fewer metals inside and unfortunately have less monetary value in recovery. New laws and regulations have reclassified the way e-waste is handled and dismantled. There is also concern about information that is stored on the hard drive of computers, which has lead to data destruction. 

How We've Helped

CRR has kept up with the needs of the community and now offers complete e-waste management for businesses and Universities in our region. We have worked with almost every type of industry in the tri-state area including, aerospace, health care, medical, educational, banking, brokerage, defense contractors, state governments and telecommunications companies.

As the computer recycling industry has changed to more e-waste management, data destruction, and more environmentally friendly disposal, CRR can be counted to manage and resolve the community’s e-waste problems.

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