Computer Recycling & Refining, LLC has been recycling computer equipment for over 20 years. Founded in 1980, Computer Recycling & Refining is a pioneer in the recycling industry. To this day, Computer Recycling & Refining continues to meet and exceed customer expectations for all of their e-waste (electronic) recycling needs.

Computer Recycling started out as a small family operated business recycling computers in a garage, but over the years has the developed the capability to handle much more than just recycling computers. Today while still recycling computers, we also provide complete end of life computer solutions and handle all types of electronic equipment, including computers, monitors (CRT’s), servers, printers, telephone systems, printer circuit boards and many other electronic products. We have the ability to remove and recycle large mainframe systems such as obsolete Central Office Switches (ESS), and cellular equipment. Computer Recycling and Refining has been a recycling pioneer for the last 20 years and we will continue to lead way.

It is our intent to serve businesses and the local community by meeting all their e-waste needs. We provide complete solutions for companies that need a plan of action to phase out their end of life computers or need to remove a large mainframe system from a building. Today of course, recycling is about much more than just removal and disassembly. Companies need to know that their information is safeguarded at all times. Computer recycling offers a complete recycling service for businesses that need safe and secure destruction of valuable company information that is typically stored on individual hard drives.

What We Offer

Computer Recycling offers safe and secure data destruction so that your proprietary information will not wind up in the wrong hands.

Computer Recycling also offers peace of mind recycling of your e-waste, with the customer being assured that it will not be sent to a local landfill. In summary Computer Recycling is an end-to-end provider, offering complete solutions for businesses that need help solving their e-waste problems.

Why You Should Choose Us

If you are searching for a recycler to meet your e-waste needs then Computer Recycling is here to provide safe and secure environmental solutions that will give you peace of mind and won’t hurt your bottom line. We offer a complete, sensible, cost effective approach for your end of life electronic equipment so you will not only have peace of mind but also more time to focus all your attention on your business. Whether you want to recycle just a PC or need a complete mainframe system removed, you can count on computer recycling to get the job done in a safe and secure way.

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