CRR offers a complete recycling process for your end of life electronic equipment. We will assist you in removing your equipment, recycling your e-waste an/or re-marketing your electronic equipment that has value to another consumer.


Computer Recycling offers two different tiers of service when related to recycling your e-waste. These are the basic plan and a safe and secure plan. The basic plan is for those who just need to recycle their e-waste in the most cost effective way and donít need any information to be destroyed or documented. The safe and secure plan is for businesses that must have the information on their hard drives destroyed and need documentation and confirmation of the services performed. CRR considers personal computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, and scanners as e-waste. CRR properly recycles any and all e-waste regardless which plan you select. Please contact us if you would like more information or to set up a plan that will meet your specific needs.

Basic Plan Safe and Secure Plan
What does it include? E-waste is recycled in the most cost effective way. E-waste is recycled and all important data is destroyed. A certificate attesting to our compliance is then issued to your company.
What plan is best for my needs? Small and home based businesses or personal users. Companies and Universities that need documentation and confirmation that all data is destroyed.
What is the cost? Charges are computed by the piece or weight, please contact us for a free estimate. 
Charges are computed by the piece or weight, and volume discounts apply, please contact us for a free estimate.


CRR offers full end-to-end removal services. We can arrange for your equipment to be picked up anywhere in the tri-state area and most of New England. Costs for pick-ups vary depending on the amount and type of the equipment, and the time spent on site preparing the items for removal. CRR can handle any size job, from a mainframe removal on the 10th floor to a local scheduled pick-up. Let CRR arrange to pick up your e-waste today! 

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